In spite of oil crises and general economic downturn, the 1970s was a very busy period for Aarsleff.

The piling department was built up and expanded during the previous ten years, and the take-off was the great demand for piling caused by the fast-growing concrete construction activities.

During the period, Aarsleff experienced that the projects became “heavier” and more versatile – for example, Aarsleff started driving piles for large-scale projects. Typically, the work had consisted of installation of a few hundred running metres of piles. Now, the work comprised installation of 5,000-10,000 running metres of piles. Over time, Aarsleff made a name for itself abroad as a leading piling company and established a branch in Germany.

Busy on the roads
In the late seventies, the construction of motorways had really got off to a good start in Denmark. And since Aarsleff was one of Denmark's most experienced road construction contractors, a significant part of the projects was awarded to Aarsleff.