Are there leaky wastewater or stormwater downpipes in your building? A leaky downpipe can cause damp in walls and frost damage to facades.

Many people think that downpipe renewal means high and sometimes unpredictable costs, as the downpipes are often built into walls and bearing structures. However, that is not necessarily the case.

Minimum nuisance with CIPP Lining
Aarsleff has great experience within renewal of old downpipes – often without demolition of walls, cupboards or relaying of existing installations. Instead, we use CIPP Lining which ensures uncomplicated and fast renewal with minimum nuisance to the residents of the building.

For all kinds of downpipes
Almost all kinds of downpipes can be renewed by means of CIPP Lining. The liner is inverted into the defect pipe from the roof or from the basement through the existing pipe system. This way, it functions as a durable liner inside the old pipe.

Our unique CIPP Lining is not just suitable for the stack pipe itself – it can also be used in laterals for toilets and floor drains, kitchen sinks and washbasins. Usually, Aarsleff carries out the CIPP Lining in both stack pipe and laterals, and if you choose the total solution, a 15-year product guarantee is included.

We notify all residents
Aarsleff always ensures that the residents know about the project. All questions regarding access to the flats are answered in the information material that we send to the residents.