Are you looking for an apprenticeship?

At Aarsleff, we offer challenging apprenticeships, primarily as building operative, construction operative, mechanic as well as office apprentice specialising in administration or finance.  

The apprentice training programme is thorough, dedicated and informative and quite often, it leads to a permanent job. We take on many apprentices during the year, so don’t hesitate sending us an application.

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Office apprentice specialising in administration

Why become an apprentice at Aarsleff?
At Aarsleff, we find it essential that our administration is well-functioning. As an apprentice you contribute to this, and at the same time you will get all-round office training.  You will become confident with a wide range of administrative tasks, such as contact to employees, invoicing and working in databases.

You will get an educational and alternating workday at a big workplace, characterised by a high level of activity and different projects.

At the office, you will meet nice colleagues who will introduce you to your daily routines. As part of the team you will get your own areas of responsibility and the opportunity to influence your apprenticeship by going into depth with the areas that you find particularly interesting.

Meet Niklas who is an office trainee at Aarsleff

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How to become an office apprentice
You must have a higher commercial examination (HHX) or vocational training for students (EUS, previously HGS) to become an office apprentice. The apprenticeship will take two years and alternates between school periods and office work. 

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Building or construction operative

Why become an apprentice at Aarsleff?
You will become part of an international company and be involved in large construction projects.

Our experienced construction operatives will show you how the workday is organised at one of our many construction sites. Soon, you will become part of a crew, and you will get a lot of nice colleagues who will tell you everything you need to know.

During your apprenticeship, you will be challenged and become responsible for different tasks that will prepare you for the labour market. At Aarsleff, you will use your hands and as well as your head, and you will be outside in all types of weather. You will solve exciting tasks together with other colleagues, and professional expertise and humour go hand in hand.

Aarsleff's work comprises large motorway projects, bridge projects, tunnels, sewer work and shell structures. In short, we help create the infrastructure of the future. Would you like to join us?

Meet Camilla and Loke who is a building operative trainee and Jonas who is a construction operative trainee.

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How to become a building operative or a construction operative
It takes four years and six months to become a building operative or a construction operative. There is a basic course and a main course. Then, it changes between school weeks and weeks on the construction site.

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