Still more often, utility companies and private households experience flooding from the pipe systems due to heavy rainfall. The reason is that the huge amounts of rainwater put pressure on the pipe system causing an overflow of mixed rainwater and wastewater.

Consequently, it is often necessary to separate the rainwater from the joint pipe which is then used only for wastewater. In this connection, we often carry out CIPP Lining which extends the service life of the pipe and prevents infiltration of water. As a result, the amount of water led to the treatment plant is reduced.

Think climate change adaptation when renewing your pipes
Aarsleff has good experience with incorporating climate adaptation when we renew underground sewer systems for wastewater and rainwater. For instance, we establish reservoirs and reservoir pipes or we carry out local rainwater drainage.

No-Dig renewal…
The pipe renewal is carried out by means of No-Dig methods. One of the methods is CIPP Lining developed by Aarsleff. We manufacture the liners in our own factory in Denmark according to specific measurements and dimensions. The liners come in all lengths, dimensions and wall thicknesses. They can be sewn together, allowing pipe stretches of varying dimensions to be renewed in one single operation. This way, we are able to renew several hundred metres at a time.

… or conventional excavation
Aarsleff also carries out conventional sewer rehabilitation and renewal by means of excavation if that is the most appropriate solution. We draw on the Aarsleff Group’s extensive range of expertise, and we master complex methods such as tunnelling. Our experience includes construction of pumping stations in areas with heavy traffic.

Aarsleff renews pipes from A to Z
Aarsleff undertakes major pipe renewal projects – public as well as private – including collectors, laterals, service connections between collectors and laterals as well as manholes.

Our services cover the entire pipe renewal process – including CCTV inspection, slope measurement as well as analysis and consultancy on the choice of renewal methods. In addition, we offer long-term planning of preventive maintenance plans including budgets, renewal plans and concept for multi-annual framework agreements and maintenance contracts.

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