Total renovation of residential buildings, educational institutions and office buildings requires technical expertise as well as strong management.

Aarsleff carries out total renovation of major projects for public authorities and private clients, and we offer to assume the responsibility for the overall coordination of the building projects. Exploiting the synergies between Aarsleff’s complementary specialist skills, we are able to offer creative and innovative solutions to technical challenges. When we involve our many specialist skills, the client will benefit from having one single contractor – we call this One Company

Renovation and new buildings
Experience has shown us that many renovation projects also includes new buildings. Aarsleff has the expertise to plan the total process, and we can handle most of the total project for e.g. a school renovation supplemented with a new sports hall or specialist classrooms.

View the result in advance
Aarsleff uses Virtual Design and Construction for design of a renovation project so we can visualise the final building, find alternatives, optimise the design, identify risks and find the most buildable solutions as well as plan and optimise the building processes – before the actual renovation starts.

Would you like to renovate sustainably?
If the client wants the renovation to be carried out according to sustainable principles, Aarsleff can advise about standards and prioritise the opportunities already in the early project phases. We have the resources for project management and handling of sustainable building projects and for ensuring that the principles are complied with and documented.

In case of a total renovation project of a preservation-worthy building, Aarsleff can take down the original building and reconstruct it stone by stone without damaging the old materials  

Information and rehousing of residents
In addition to the actual renovation work, Aarsleff can handle moving and rehousing of residents as well as the current dialogue and information. In this way, the client and the residents can feel secure that they get the right information, as the communication does not pass through many different links. The social housing associations often represent residents of different ethnicity, which is why our project team has a resident coordinator who speaks several languages. This allows us to strengthen the communication and the understanding of the residents during the execution phase.    

We understand the value of delivering an error-free building – on time. When the renovation is completed, we handle the handing-over systematically and electronically to provide a complete overview for everybody involved.

High degree of own production
For renovation projects we draw on many of the Aarsleff Group’s qualifications, for instance:

  • earthwork, pipe work and sewer work
  • concrete work
  • concrete element installation
  • steel installation
  • technical installations, e.g. plumbing, ventilation, electricity, sprinkling and CTS
  • facade and roof work
  • earth moving and paving work
  • bricklaying work
  • carpentry work.

Aarsleff’s major renovation projects are particularly carried out in the eastern part of Denmark.