At Aarsleff, we are specialists in construction pits, and for almost 60 years, we have executed small and simple as well as large and complex construction pits. We deliver all types of retaining walls, such as sheet pile walls, secant pile walls, king post walls and diaphragm walls.

In Denmark, the high groundwater level often causes challenges in connection with the excavation work, and it is important that the risks are considered properly in advance. We have theoretical specialist know-how and practical skills to handle most challenges, and we can execute the construction pit from A-Z, as we have our own design team who can handle the design responsibility for our own construction pits.

The construction pits are usually carried out as sheet pile walls or king post walls, but to an increasing extent, we also establish drilled walls with secant piles or construction pits made with diaphragm walls. These two solutions come more and more into play, as the environmental requirements for building and construction works are being tightened in relation to noise and vibration levels. Secant piles or diaphragm walls can also be used for construction pits when there are challenges in terms of hard ground layers and obstacles in the ground, or if the construction pit is excavated to a great depth. Buildings or structures close to the construction pit may also imply strict requirements to small deformations of the retaining wall, and in this case, secant piles or diaphragm walls can be a good solution.

Choice of wall
It is important that you choose the right type of wall whether it is for a construction pit, a retaining wall for road embankment or for an excavation close to neighbours.

Each type of retaining wall has advantages and disadvantages, and as a specialist contractor, we have a thorough knowledge of them all.  We offer to enter into a non-binding dialogue with e.g. clients and consultants to find the right solutions for a buildable and – not least – financially attractive project.

The construction pit walls are normally installed by driving, drilling, vibration or pressing-in. The optimal method depends on different factors, such as:

  • Geotechnical conditions – soil type and homogeneity
  • Obstacles in the ground (rocks, hard zones or existing structures)
  • Groundwater depth and inflow conditions in the ground
  • Excavation depth
  • Loads on the construction pit
  • Wall deformation requirements
  • Possibility for anchoring at the front or at the back of the wall
  • Access and working space
  • Contamination
  • Environmental conditions – noise and vibration
  • Execution time
  • Price

Theory and practice go hand in hand
We have our own in-house team of design engineers, and together with our many years of practical experience in Denmark and abroad, we can ensure that theory and practice go hand in hand when we deliver good and buildable solutions on time.

We have Denmark’s biggest fleet of foundation equipment to establish sheet pile walls, secant pile walls, king post walls or diaphragm walls without significant noise and vibration.  This is an advantage when we work in densely populated areas, close to old preservation-worthy buildings, or in places where the neighbours and production facilities must not be unnecessarily disturbed by vibrations.

Combination of know-how and capacity
When we establish construction pits, we combine several of our specialist skills working as a subcontractor on retaining walls, bracing structures, anchoring or groundwater lowering.

We can also undertake the complete project as a design and build contractor for the entire construction pit – also with our own project-adapted design. The number of operators ”underground” is reduced, as it only requires one contractor for the construction pit – and the responsibilities are clear.

For planning and design developing of your next project, we would be pleased to discuss the following:

Find out more about our Design & Engineering skills here or view more about our construction pit expertise in Aarsleff World.

You can also read about an exciting construction pit project with secant piles right next to old buildings at the new Natural History Museum of Denmark in the centre of Copenhagen.

Early involvement saves money
We offer to enter into an early dialogue with clients and consultants about challenges and solutions in order to optimise the construction pit in relation to finance, time and execution.  We also carry out the practical work on the site at the same time as design and project development if it can shorten the construction process and save valuable time for the project.

Do you need a price on a construction pit - or more information about e.g. sheet piles or secant pile walls?

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