When Aarsleff carries out long-term operational or maintenance tasks, e.g. as railway contractor, technical contractor or on civil engineering projects, the work is often based on service and maintenance contracts.

The contracts usually run for four to five years.

A service and maintenance contract provides the customer with:

  • optimal maintenance and operation – value for money
  • a solution customised to the customer’s specific needs and wishes
  • long-term planning and overview.

Focus on project planning
In long-term collaboration agreements, good planning is essential so that the client gets the most out of the agreement. Consequently, we elaborate yearly, half-yearly, quarterly and weekly plans to supply as much maintenance as possible to the client during the contract period.

A service and maintenance contract includes:

  • preventive and remedial maintenance
  • reconstruction of existing systems
  • on-call service for technical stand-by
  • winter and emergency stand-by