Reliable water treatment plants and solid drinking water pipes are essential for a modern infrastructure. This means that the water is where we need it and when we need it.

Aarsleff establishes systems for drinking water supply and plants for water treatment.

Water treatment plants all over the world
Drinking water usually comes from the groundwater, but also from lakes, streams, rivers or seawater. No matter where the water comes from, it should be cleaned before being distributed as drinking water.

Together with our subsidiaries and in close collaboration with local contractors, Aarsleff establishes water treatment plants in turnkey contracts in most of the world, from design and planning to the actual construction and handing-over.

  • design and planning
  • establishment of water reservoirs, raw water locks, industrial buildings etc.
  • construction of flocculation and filters
  • construction of pumping station
  • mechanical and electrical installations
  • automatics and programming
  • training of technical and operational staff

Different methods for drinking water pipes
Aarsleff has international experience in establishment, renovation and renewal of drinking water pipes in all kinds of soil – often without excavation.

We establish drinking water pipes by means of:

  • directional drilling, which is particularly suitable for new installation under roads or buildings
  • pipe bursting where we use an old pipe as conduit
  • conventional excavation if our other methods are not suitable 

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