Design & Engineering is Aarsleff’s think tank. The department includes Aarsleff’s VDC specialists as well as a number of employees with special expertise within the fields of soil engineering, marine works and construction. The employees’ expertise is at a high international level, and they develop new and alternative solutions e.g. in connection with development of specialist equipment, design of construction pits as well as foundation and marine construction.  

VDC – at the forefront of challenges
By using Virtual Design and Construction, Aarsleff's team can quickly find alternatives and create a virtual picture of all of or part of the project. This makes it possible to optimise the design, identify risks and deliver a detailed and buildable design which considers the building processes and the planning.

Consultancy that pays off
Thanks to theoretical know-how combined with a thorough and systematic gathering of experience and the latest design and simulation tools, Design & Engineering is able to provide the best and most cost-effective solutions to complex civil engineering projects – by means of permanent as well as temporary structures. Not only in the planning and design phases, but also during the execution of the work.

The expertise of Design & Engineering makes Aarsleff very competitive and ensures a technically and financially strong solution to the client's project.

From consultancy to completed project
The earlier Aarsleff is involved, the better we can provide consultancy to the client. Aarsleff has good experience with participation already at the ideas stage when the client has ideas about a project, but has not yet found the right location or identified the potentials of a project which is still on the drawing board. Having the role as a managing contractor and the client’s consultant, we are able to combine the client’s expectations and requirements with the users’ needs and the project’s potentials.

We set the standards
Design & Engineering participates actively in standardisation work, in professional and industrial bodies and in development projects with universities and students. We determine the standards and participate in this way to the general development of Aarsleff’s specialist areas.