A CCTV inspection carried out correctly gives you full information about the condition of the sewer system. Are the pipes fractured, clogged or leaking? You will be able to see for yourself – without excavation. If fractures or defects are revealed by the inspection, we can help you make a renewal plan which ensures an efficient repair of the defects.

Choose a certified company
Aarsleff Pipe Technologies is a member of the Control Scheme for Danish CCTV Inspection Companies (DTVK). If you choose Aarsleff, you are sure to get a certified operator that carries out the project according to determined specifications. And the result is a good end product of a good and useful quality.

The important analysis
Many companies offer CCTV inspections, but not everyone can create useful knowledge based on the collected data. Aarsleff has the experience and the right equipment to analyse data. We also carry out a condition check on the basis of a thorough analysis of the data files. This will provide you with a clear and truthful overview of the condition of the sewer pipes.

If the CCTV inspection previously has been carried out by another company under the Control Scheme for Danish CCTV Inspection Companies (DTVK), we are also able to process data from this inspection.  

When is a CCTV inspection a good idea?
It is much cheaper to repair defects before they escalate; in particular, if the sewer network is more than 50 years old. In industrial companies, such as slaugtherhouses, dairies and breweries where the system is being impacted by process water, we recommend that a CCTV inspection is carried out on a regular basis.

It is not necessary to inspect all sections of the sewer system. By selecting some representative sections for inspection, a condition check will give you a complete picture of the condition of the sewer. A small investment will give you a useful budgeting tool in your hand.

Renewal plan – make a budget based on facts
On the basis of the condition check, we offer to prepare a renewal plan. The renewal plan is a clear presentation of identified defects, focus areas and a recommended prioritisation of repair of the defects found by the CCTV inspection. And maybe most importantly: It provides you with a clear overview of the actual costs associated with the improvements.

A renewal plan will give you:

  • A tool for internal visualisation of requirements and budget – based on facts.
  • An overview of the problems that require immediate action and of the problems that can wait – with colour codes in the report to improve clarity.
  • A tool for appropriate planning of the effort. For industrial companies, this means the least possible interruption of the production; for housing associations this means the least possible disturbance to the residents.

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