Reliable sewer systems are essential, no matter whether you are a private house owner, housing association, utility company, industrial enterprise or public institution. Unfortunately, many people experience problems with clogged pipes, odour or rats – clear indications that the sewer pipes are damaged, worn or leaky and that renewal is required.

Climate changes with heavy rain put the sewer system under pressure, and leaky wastewater pipes are a significant environmental risk. Challenges that all pipe owners – especially utility companies – must take a stand on.

New life for the sewer pipe in one single operation
Aarsleff has the market’s broadest range of methods for sewer renewal – and we always choose the most suitable solution for the job. One of the most used methods for pipe renewal which we have developed and refined through almost 40 years is Aarsleff CIPP Lining. Quite simply, the CIPP Lining is carried out by inverting a soft, polyester liner into the leaky pipe. After a quick curing process, the liner forms a new, wear-resistant pipe inside the old pipe. And the product life is long – up to 100 years.

We manufacture the liners in our own factory in Aarhus according to specific measurements and dimensions, depending on the pressure from groundwater, soil and traffic. The liners are manufactured in all lengths, dimensions and wall thicknesses, and they can be sewn together, allowing pipe stretches of varying dimensions to be renewed in one single operation. This way, we are able to renew several hundred metres at a time. But of course, we also carry out renewal of small and more complex pipe stretches under buildings.

Fast execution with the least possible disturbance
A CIPP Lining is a relatively quick operation, meaning that the time when the sewer system is not in operation is minimised. In addition, the method is trenchless. Altogether, this means few disturbances and little nuisance to the affected citizens in a building or to the employees or the production in your company.

Let Aarsleff Pipe Technologies carry out the job and be guaranteed a high quality
As a customer, you must be sure that the CIPP Lining is carried out correctly and is of the same high quality each time. If you choose Aarsleff who is a member of the Danish Control Scheme for Pipeline Rehabilitation, you are guaranteed a minimum quality which lives up to the high standards of the scheme.

How is a CIPP Lining carried out?
See the film on Aarsleff CIPP Lining with LED curing

Do you represent a housing association and require more information on the advantages of a maintained sewer system? Contact us today to find out what we can do for you.

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