When Aarsleff sits at the table already at the early construction phases, we can help ensure that the project is buildable, that the budgets are realistic and that the schedule is complied with.

The earlier Aarsleff is involved, the better we can provide consultancy to the client. Aarsleff has good experience with participation already at the ideas stage when the client has ideas about a project, but has not yet found the right location or identified the potentials of an existing building. Having the role as a managing contractor and the client’s consultant, we are able to combine the client’s expectations and requirements with the users’ needs and the project’s potentials.

Realistic financial solutions
Early involvement allows the client to estimate the costs of the ideas and prioritise and adjust them already in the first project phases. The client minimises the risk of unpleasant financial surprises that end up affecting important parts of the project.

Design and authorities processing
In addition to guaranteeing the buildability and spotting potential and risks of a project, Aarsleff can also offer design services and authorities processing. We combine design and execution, and in this way the client has a central point of contact. Also it reduces the risk that considerations and priorities are misunderstood or lost.

Virtual testing
Aarsleff has the expertise of seeing the project as a whole – from the underground and upwards.

Aarsleff uses Virtual Design and Construction to visualise the final building, find alternatives, optimise the design, identify risks and find the most buildable solutions as well as plan and optimise the building processes – before the actual building construction starts.

This means that already from the beginning, the client is assured that the requirements for the projects can be realised.