Growth and development
The growth and development of the Aarsleff Group will continue to take place through a combination of organic growth and acquisition of specialist contractor skills while focusing on profitability.

Profit and return on investment
Efficiency and productivity in all phases must contribute to continuous improvements of competitiveness and earnings. Combinations of skills into turnkey solutions together with the focus on efficiency in all phases are to increase margins and earnings.

Sound financial resources
Aarsleff undertakes large-scale civil engineering projects – for which only consolidated companies with sound financial resources are able to tender. Sound financial resources and thus a high credit ranking allow us to strategically position ourselves for long-term and continous development of the Group in connection with acqusition of companies as well as internal business development.

Aarsleff’s ambition to have sound financial resources entails an overall target to have an equity ratio of at least 35%. 

Achievement of the targeted return on equity will imply that the expected growth can be financed by future earnings and that liquidity is generated for payment of dividend which is assessed at 20-40% of the annual profit subject to growth.