Since 1947, Aarsleff has constructed or relocated many kilometres of roads, bridges and tunnels; in Denmark and Sweden, in particular, but also in Africa and Central America.

In case of impassable terrain and other conditions imposing high demands on staff and equipment, our specialist expertise stands out. We have an eye for alternative solutions, and we construct special machines so that our train of machinery always comprises optimum equipment. This way, we are able to implement any type of traffic facility project – quickly and cost-efficiently.

Tailored teams
Our approach to each project is to compose an organisation with the right technical knowhow and an extensive local knowledge. We work as turnkey contractor, and we have good experience working in consortium with Danish and foreign partners.

Experienced exporter
Since the mid-1990s, roads and traffic facilities have been one of our most important exports in countries with tropical climate, where the warm, changeable and humid weather conditions pose special requirements. And working under exactly such conditions is one of our core skills. 

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