Well-functioning societies depend heavily on well-functioning communication and electrical connections – and therefore also on reliable network cables.

Specialist companies in the Aarsleff Group have built up great expertise in the burial of electrical cables, copper cables and fibre cables. As opposed to overhead cables, a buried cable is protected against e.g. strong wind storms which shut down the Danish utility network for several days in 1999 and in 2004.

Excavation for low and high current
Aarsleff excavates and establishes low current cables from the distributor cabinet to the customer’s own connection point, and we handle the burial of central high current cables of up to 400 kV over large stretches.

Burial of cables in total solutions
We carry out cable projects from conception and design to the actual excavation and documentation to the authorities, including:

  • planning and design, authorities processing, registration, etc.
  • excavation work in almost all kinds of surfaces
  • purchasing and laying of cables and pipes
  • cable pulling and cable blowing
  • final documentation of cable system 

3 in 1 solutions
We often carry out 3 in 1 solutions which include electricity for the distribution system, electricity for street lightning as well as fibre cables and pipes.

The pipe system allows a subsequent extension of the cable network by using the empty pipes for pulling of new cables without major excavation. Aarsleff is also able to carry out the subsequent cable blowing by means of air or water. 

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