Aarsleff Pipe Technologies carries out complex renewal projects in Denmark and in the rest of the world.

Aarsleff is a global market leader within trenchless pipe renewal. Among other things, we have developed the Aarsleff CIPP Lining which is the most efficient method for renewal of many types of pipes.

Covers the entire process
Both Aarsleff Pipe Technologies in Denmark and the associated foreign companies are organised as independent entities with a high degree of specialisation and focus on innovation. As a turnkey supplier within its field, Aarsleff covers the entire process as we develop methods, manufacture materials in own factory, have our own equipment and carry out the projects with a sound prioritisation and planning of requirements for renewal. This ensures flexible execution of any type of pipe renewal – and certainty that the responsibility for the project lies in one place.

Complete, technological foundation
In order to comply with the increasing requirements to efficient, durable, cost-reducing solutions, Aarsleff Pipe Technologies continuously develop and refine their methods. The basis of this work is the division’s centre of expertise in Aarhus, while the subsidiaries with activities in Denmark and abroad are trained in the methods subsequently.