Many households and companies depend on gas as a source of energy for heating and production. It is important that they can rely on a secure supply line.

Pipe installation in rocks, water and big cities
Since 1981, establishment of gas pipelines has been a core skill in Aarsleff. We are highly experienced in detailed design and carry out even the most complicated sea crossings.  We are also very experienced and have great know-how in landfall of large pipelines. To this very day, Aarsleff has installed more than 2,000 kilometres of pipelines through very different terrain – including:

  • solid rock
  • sand, clay, clay till
  • marshes, seabed
  • densely populated city areas – such as Copenhagen and Berlin
  • streams, rivers and fjords

We are an international supplier
Aarsleff has executed tasks for a large number of clients in Europe, and we are particularly experienced in high-pressure pipelines in steel.

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