31.10.2012 - Company announcement

New sewer system at Langelinie in Odense

Aarsleff enters into partnering on the execution of a new sewer system at Langelinie in Odense:

VCS Denmark has today confirmed that it will enter into partnering with Aarsleff Langelinie I/S on the design of the extension of the sewer system in and around the road Langelinie in Odense where the sewers are old and unable to cope with heavy rain and climate changes.

Aarsleff Langelinie I/S is a joint venture consisting of Per Aarsleff A/S and the two subsidiaries Østergaard A/S and Wicotec A/S.

The project will be carried out in partnering and will begin with a design phase followed by a contract for the execution of the work. The design phase will begin in October 2012, and the entire project is expected to be completed by the end of 2014. The preliminary estimate of the project that was put out to tender is DKK 150-160 million.

The project is to improve the condition of the pipes and increase their capacity with the purpose of storing large amounts of rainwater and wastewater and discharging it to a wastewater plant rather than putting pressure on Odense River and private basements.

The project will comprise establishment of new pipes, rehabilitation and upsizing of existing pipes and establishment of new reservoirs. Besides sewer renewal by means of traditional excavation, the tunnelling and pipe bursting methods will be used; both methods are special competencies of Østergaard and Wicotec, respectively.

The earnings impact of the contract will be included in the total earnings expectations which will be informed as usual in the preliminary announcement of financial statements for 2011/2012.