06.05.2008 - Company announcement

Foundations for the Rødsand 2 Offshore Wind Farm

Aarsleff and German Bilfinger Berger AG have entered into a contract with E.ON Sverige AB on execution of the foundations for the Rødsand 2 Offshore Wind Farm. 

The contract comprises production and installation of 90 concrete foundations each weighing approx. 1,300 tons. The foundations are made as concrete caissons with ballast and will be placed on the seabed in depths of 5-12 metres.

The contract has a value of approx. DKK 600 million.

The order is very important to Aarsleff: ”We focus very much on establishment of offshore wind farms in Northern Europe, and we are well-prepared for the development of solutions that are optimised in terms of technology, economy and time”, says Lars Carlsen, Deputy General Manager. Aarsleff has also executed the foundations for the first offshore wind farm at Rødsand from 2003 and is currently executing the 92 foundations for the offshore wind farm, Horns Rev 2.

During the spring of 2008, the planning, design and production of the 90 foundations for the Rødsand 2 Offshore Wind Farm will begin. The installation of the foundations will take place from November 2008 to December 2009, and the wind turbines will be installed in 2010.

The offshore wind farm will be established approx. four kilometres west of the existing offshore wind farm at Rødsand, Nysted Offshore Wind Farm from 2003. When Rødsand 2 is put into operation in 2010, the annual production is estimated to correspond to the energy consumption of 200,000 households – or approx. 2% of the total Danish electricity consumption. 

The project is carried out in an equally shared consortium with German Bilfinger Berger AG, with Aarsleff as the leading party. Aarsleff and Bilfinger Berger AG are already cooperating on the establishment of the offshore wind farm, Horns Rev 2, and on the Citytunnel project in Malmö.

The contract does not give rise to a change in the outlook for the profit for the financial year that ends on 30 September 2008. The earnings impact of the contract will be included in the total earnings expectations for 2008/2009 which will be informed in the preliminary announcement of the financial statements for 2007/2008.