150,000 linear metres of piles in Aarhus

Aarsleff has executed the piling work for the development of the new urban area Ceres Byen on behalf of the client A. Enggaard A/S. The area, which previously housed the Ceres Brewery, has from the fall of 2012 until the summer of 2017 been converted into a combination of both residential and commercial developments as well as educational institutions. In addition, several underground car parks have been constructed in the area, some as multi-storey car parks.  The piling work was executed as 14 individual contracts distributed over the entire construction period. The main part of our work comprised driving of piles of different dimensions. All the piles were driven with a hammer with noise reduction n– a more time-consuming solution – but of great importance to the overall noise level. We drove more than 150,000 linear metres of piles in the centre of Aarhus without receiving any noise complaints.

Work done by Aarsleff Piling