Diaphragm walls in the Carlsberg City

The Carlsberg City is being transformed to a brand new city district centrally located in Copenhagen. The district will comprise a number of residential towers and at 120 metres, the tallest tower, Pasteur's Tower, will become Copenhagen's tallest residential building. Aarsleff executes the design & build contract comprising establishment of the construction pit as well as construction of the building. We used diaphragm walls for the construction pit as it provides a very gentle installation method.  We chose this method due to the listed buildings located just 3 to 4 metres from the diaphragm walls, and also because the soil is so hard that we would not be able to drive or vibrate the sheet piles down to the required depth.

Work done by Aarsleff Construction and Ground Engineering
and the Aarsleff company Wicotec Kirkebjerg A/S

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