Foundation for the tallest building in Denmark

At the tip of Aarhus Ø, Per Aarsleff A/S performs the design and build contract for the construction of the 142-metre-tall Lighthouse and the 10-storey low-rise buil­dings. Lighthouse will have more than 380 apartments, most of them with a secluded view over Aarhus Bay. The construction of the 142-metre-tall tower, which will become the tallest building in Denmark so far, requires extraordinary foundation, so we established two fullscale test piles as part of the design work. The purpose of the work was to determine the dimensions and exe­cution method for the large drilled piles under the tower – 28 drilled piles of DN200 millimetres down to a depth of 70 metres.

Work done by Aarsleff Construction and Ground Engineering

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